“Hold yourself repsonsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you.”Henry Ward Beecher

Specification of Services

Strategy Services

Logarit analyzes its customers’ business and application strategies. Based on the findings, the strategic requirements for the processes on the one hand and the technology  on the other are then derived.

Within the Strategy Services, the services offered include:

  • Development of the application strategy
  • Situation analysis (coverage, cost, technology analysis)
  • Definition of the projects within the application strategy
  • Description of value creation networks
  • Design of modern process strategies and Insource / Outsource potential analyses
  • Structure of integrated process maps
  • Derivation of strategic requirements for processes and technology
  • Development of a change management plan
  • Active support of change processes
  • Definition and planning of needed actions
  • Support during implementation

Process Services

Logarit analyses the actual processes and formulates the relevant target processes that fit the strategy on the basis of company-specific requirements or “best practice”, which then serve as the basis for the application implementation.

The following services are available within the Process Services:

  • Process analysis and design
  • Development of basic and final concepts as blue-prints for technical implementation
  • Build “Proof of Concepts” to verify feasibilityProzess-Analyse und –design

Implementation Services

The best process, the best application is a wasted effort if its implementation efforts run out of steam or are so resinous that failure is foreseeable. Logarit helps its customers to implement the strategies developed and the processes based on them in applications in such a way that time and costs are met:

  • Project management
  • Project delivery
  • Coaching / Training
    Quality assurance
  • Project review