“The average gives the world its substance, the exceptional gives it its value.”Oscar Wilde

About us

Logarit comes from the Retail sector and therefore knows the specific operational challenges, the optimization of which also determines whether success is sustainable. At Logarit, in everything we do for our Retail customers, we always consider two areas that are interdependent and influence success.

On the one hand, everything concerning “Customer Experience”. This includes all activities that aim to be closer to the customer with the merchandise than the competition and to develop, purchase and offer assortments that meet demand. Demand-driven in this context means that sales and margin expectations are met, the sales ratio is increased and the need for markdowns is reduced.

On the other hand, this customer-focused work must be possible in such a way that the “Business Excellence” part is guaranteed. Here we often talk about system support by means of suitable software, in order to be able to realize the upcoming work on “Customer Experience” as efficiently, as simply and as transparently as possible.

We look at all relevant structures and processes as they are today, as they should be tomorrow and how they will be implemented digitally. The result is implementable strategies based on current and industry-proven Best Practices.

We know that without the optimization of upstream technology, software and consulting stages – and not least without a highly qualified IT department in the Retail company itself – the upcoming strategic and operational challenges cannot be mastered in such a way that sustainable success results.

In this way, we work with you to ensure that values are created that are extraordinary for you and your customers.


  • Business concepts for Merchandise Planning systems based on Best Practices

  • Business concepts for Merchandise Optimization systems based on Best Practices

  • Business concepts for Merchandise Management systems based on Best Practices

  • Software evaluations of operational systems

  • Technical implementation of operational systems in the areas of Merchandise Analysis, Merchandise Planning and Merchandise Optimization