“Personalities are not shaped by beautiful speeches, but by work and personal achievement.”Albert Einstein

Our Team

Flamur Maraj

Flamur Maraj

+49 6223 973 444 0

Flamur Maraj has a degree in Business Administration and has extensive knowledge in the implementation and development of cross-industry planning solutions with market-leading planning software.

Flamur Maraj has been working as a Solution Consultant for over 15 years and has carried out numerous consulting and implementation projects on various strategic and operational planning topics for well-known companies.

His areas of expertise focuse on the conception and implementation of business processes across all industries, with a priority on benefits and user-friendliness.

“Planning projects are only successful if the solution is accepted by end users. The planning solution must provide added value for this. But only a few months may lie between kickoff and rollout.”


  • Process design and implementation of planning / BI topics
  • Optimization and automation of business processes
  • Assortment Planning and Control (Retail)
  • Merchandise management (Retail and Wholesale)
  • Cost and income statement; sales and financial planning
  • Personnel requirements and personnel capacity planning
Jörg Ulrich Grau

Joerg Ulrich Grau

+49 6223 973 444 0

In the more than 35 years of his professional activity Jörg U. Grau was and is only active in and for the Retail area. During his first years after his studies, he held various positions in marketing, purchasing and sales with Retailers in Switzerland and Germany with seasonally oriented assortments.

He then put his knowledge at the service of Kurt Salmon, Düsseldorf, a management consultancy for Retailers from all over Europe. Subsequently, he worked at Hewlett-Packard and Oracle Retail on process-related optimization potentials and based on this the adequate use of technical means, business transformations and conceptual design of operationally used systems for the Retail and CPG industry in EMEA. Subsequently, as a Principal at TAILORIT, he accompanied several international Retailers in the evaluation of Merchandise Planning and Merchandise Management systems.

As a partner at Logarit, he uses his expertise and experience in strategic and operational issues to sustainably strengthen the team.


  • 35 years of professional experience in the Retail area
  • Experience with food, near-food and non-food ranges
  • Experience with both stationary and on-line Retailers

Operational Excellence: Experience with all operational areas of a Retailer, which enables him to optimize inventories and increase calculations.

Customer Experience: Experience with all operational areas of a Retailer, which enables him to identify and implement customer needs.